I’ve been involved with lots of different musical projects over the years. Throughout high school I spent most of my time confusing parents and friends with avant-garde electronic music at home and at York University’s electronic music studios. Then for about 4 years I was a hired gun playing guitar with different artists in Toronto’s Reggae scene. During the 80’s I fronted and played guitar for a brit-esque jangley thing named “All The Rage”. I was introduced back to electronic music while sessioning for a couple of Techno bands; its during this period that these “digital” guys started referring to me as ‘noise’ as my old style (and at the time terribly out of fashion) analog pedal board put out copious amounts of white noise.

I’ve also lent my guitar efforts to bands like “mana” and “Mumbo Jumbo Shrimp”. I then formed copyright terrorists “Surface Noise” www.mp3.com/surfacenoise with Urina 235 and released the cassette / audio franchise – “Copy Cat Suicide” and had a couple of tracks on the anti-corporate compilation “FU2”. Along the way 235 talked me into becoming a founding member of the Jazz noise wako-conglomerate “braino” (you can hear some of my guitar noodling on their killer self-titled CD). After that I played acoustic bass and acoustic guitar in the gin and vodka soaked jazz-folk trio “Lost Parade” (at least I *think* I did. Its actually a bit fuzzy). Presently I’ve been playing bass guitar and doing the odd vocal and song writing bit with “The Parkdale Hookers” www.mp3.com/theparkdalehookers or www.parkdalehookers.com. Possibly the most fun I’ve had since high school.