BOSS SE-50 Reverbs

FOR SOME REASON, finding patch banks for the BOSS SE-50 series of multi-effect units on the internet, can be almost impossible (if your not clear on what “Sysex”, System Dumps” or “MIDI Bulk Dumps”are then visit “More info on sysex“).

So I decided to post these alternate reverb / effect algorithms for the world to have.

I’ll include some commentary on the patches when I can. I haven’t loaded them all and can’t seem to load some others.

You can only load or dump all the programs at once, so if you’ve made any changes to any of the programs that you want to keep, make sure you do a bulk dump INTO your computer before loading anything new.

To get the SE-50 into loading state, repeatedly press the <UTILITY> button until you get to “MIDI CHANNEL” then press the <Parameter> button till you get to “MIDI BULK LOAD WAITING” screen, then send the dump using your favourite sysex utility.

If you have any other SE-50 related info or patches send ’em over to me and I’ll post em here!

The Studio Reverbs

The is the thing that started all this. Has some real nice reverbs all set for use in a studio environment. All the ‘Direct’ levels are set to “0” and they’ve been arranged by category (i.e. ROOMs, then PLATEs, then etc). Not too sure where this came from. but if you know who did it, let me know so I can buy him a beer!

Download the file here : BOSS SE-50 Studio Reverbs

Here are a few other SE-50 Patch banks I’ve come across:


SE-50 Guitr patches

ten till now – Free MP3’s

Half learning exercise, half drunken inspiration – these tracks document various exploration undertaken at my small home studio over the last few years. I put these tracks together as a Christmas present for my mom. I offer them to you for free. Tune in again later and I’ll post more tunes.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

All tracks arranged and produced by noise. All music composed by noise, except where noted. All instruments played / programmed by noise, except where noted.

Much thanks to: Archie Hughes, M.Fyfe, lost parade, m.s. powelczyk, the beer night squad, K. Hall (ha! Take This!), everyone @ soup and anyone else who has inspired or made fun of me.

Please note that these songs are released as “Credit Ware”. I own the full copywrights but sampling is welcomed as long as a clear credit is provided on all releases. Oh yeah, you should send me a MP3 or a tape or something of the tune too.

Studio List

  • Esi-32 Sampler
  • Ensoniq Mirage Rack sampler
  • Ensoniq VFX Keyboard synth
  • KorgM1R
  • Boss SE-50 effects unit
  • Beherenger 1602a Mixer
  • Beherenger Composer Pro
  • Beherenger Ultrafex
  • Tannoy Studio Monitors
  • Gibson L6S
  • Tokai “Blazing Fire” Prototype
  • Epiphone Cello Bass Guitar