A cheap cure for a Migraine?

All my life I have suffered from migraines, and tried everything I could to get rid of the pain, including that “$120 for 6 pills” stuff that gave me the strangest of side-effects. I even tried combining things like nasal decongestants and alcohol

Something I stumbled across about 6 years ago is a surprisingly effective and cheap cure that, unlike every other medication I tried, works for me every time.

My cure?

  • 1 medium Gatorade (for some reason the orange stuff seems to work best)
  • 4 run of the mill aspirins, and
  • a bit of a rest.

Just the Gatorade itself, or just the aspirins by themselves will do little to stop the pain. But put them together and it works every time.

I’ve always been a bit hesitant to mention this to anyone one, in case the Gatorade folks get wind of it and take out whatever miracle ingredient they unknowingly include.

Has anyone else tried this? I have told the odd person about this and some have given some excuse not to try it, which makes me think, that although they probably do have some kind of headache, they don’t have a Migraine. When you have migraine you will try absolutely ANYTHING to get it to stop.

So if this does work for you, let me know, ‘Just thought I’d let the web know what I’ve found out – perhaps it could help some poor soul without health insurance get some cheap relief.

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