Safron Rose

Here’s a tune I’ve been working on – still needs a bit of stuff I think

An issue I’m dealing with is that it was done with an older version of ReBirth/Cubase VST and I’ve moved to the most recent Cubase / Reason and I have to find a way of getting the old stuff into a format that I can use.

The keyboard sound is a custom patch I did with theVFX – a Piano / Solina thing. The percussion is supplied by ReBirth.

One thought on “Safron Rose

  1. Amanda Schneider on said:

    I can’t imagine what kind of work you think it needs. I LOVE it just as is. In fact I posted it to my Facebook this morning, as it was a Safron Rose sunrise here in Brandon, Manitoba. Your music is a great way to start the day. More, please?

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